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How To Take Care Of Your Solar Thermal Systems?

The world is moving towards the concept of natural resource conservation and an environmental friendly lifestyle. With the increasing burden of expanding population on limited resources, it has become imperative to find alternatives. One such innovation which has proved to be the most cost-effective and highly efficient source of energy is the solar energy. One such underutilized resource which is still available in abundance, the sunlight can be used for generating electricity and for water heating. Solar thermal systems are widely used now a day. Although low on maintenance, Solar Repairs require a specialized skill set. If you are considering installing a solar water heater at your home, please visit for all you need to know about its functionality, models available in market and maintenance guidelines.

A timely inspection and maintenance check of the solar water heater increases its life and ensures smooth functioning. You can enter into an annual maintenance contract with a solar repair agency for periodic inspections. The checklist involves:

• Check for any damage or crack caused to the solar array which is the prime source of energy storage and supply. Timely replacement of the damaged part of the panel will ensure that it gives adequate heating. Pre-season checks and appropriate repairs are necessary before the harsh winters hit.
• These systems use anti-freezing liquids to protect the solar panel from freezing when the temperature falls below the average level. The quality of this fluid deteriorates with time. Therefore it is advisable to replace it every four years. Proper disposal of old liquid, cleaning up the panel and then refilling the fresh one is an intricate and essential part of maintenance.
• You need to check the pipework and insulation for any leak or repair. Leakage of hot water can cause serious injuries, therefore needs to be arrested at the earliest. Alternately, blockage in the pipeline may risk the pipe to burst anytime. Therefore we should check for smooth circulation of water through the process. This elaborate cleaning and repairing may take some time, hence should be scheduled appropriately, before winters arrive.
• Some of the common defaults are faulty pumps, improper functioning of valves and control systems. These minor wiring repairs can be done quickly. Pumps and valves have a life, and they wear and tear with time due to erosion as a result of the quality of water. Therefore keep a look at when these parts need a replacement. This way you will save time and money, rather than waiting for them to stop functioning correctly.
• The water pressure settings should be carefully done to get the best results.

Few tips which can help you increase the durability of solar water heating systems include keeping then clean. The absorption power of the solar panels may get hindered with the duct coat accumulating on it. Hence to improve efficiency, keep them clean. The placement of the solar arrays is a vital decision. Ensure that these panels get uninterrupted supply of sunlight. Keep trimming trees which could overshadow these panels. Keeping a check on the overall functioning of the system on a regular basis is essential. Professional agencies have the expertise in repairing and maintaining solar systems of all types. Appointing them to inspect and repair the jobs is the most convenient way to take care of your solar thermal system.